• skkageugh this wouldn't fit in the first one ~ just don't sweat it. followers will come and go. and you write this blog for you not them.
  • Thanks~~ I definitely will keep blogging for me~


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  • skkageI can tell you why you're prob losing followers. The tone & subject matter of your blog is changing. It's becoming a sex & nicknames in Seoul blog. Which is what you wanna do - so do it. But maybe some of your first followers don't wanna read that.
  • Yeah I figured that much.

    I mean it’s not all about that but that is part of my life in Korea.

    I was anon and a sex/ dating in Seoul blog before becoming un- anon and just changing my name but I can understand being turned off by the subject matter.

    I’ll survive and just remember that some people just don’t want that on their dashes.

    My life is not all about that though but it is part of it. I can’t change that and won’t.

    Thanks for the message~

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  • AnonymousYour behavior seems so desperate and out of character with your sweet, optImistic nature. I wonder what is really going on in your mind and hope you will not come to really regret what you are doing. Maybe take some time to think about what you need in your life that is missing. Sounds like, as it is for so many of us, that your parents took more than they gave at times. Wonder what that little girl who was once you needed but was not given? You are a good person and I wish you well.
  • My behaviour isn’t desperate or out of character though.

    You don’t see the full picture and it’s okay to want to have some fun in my life.  Just because I’m having more sex in the last month or two than I have in the last 2-3 years of my last relationship DOESN’T AT ALL make me a bad person.  I’m enjoying having fun and have found more joy and confidence with choosing who I want to sleep with.

    It’s not a matter of desperation or not getting something as a child, it’s a matter of taking back my life and self-esteem and becoming confident in who I am as a person and if that means that I’m a sexual being then that’s who I am.  Cause I am.

    I’m sorry that you can’t fathom that I would be okay with what I’m doing but I’m honestly okay and don’t go home after a session with someone and cry.  I glow in it and enjoy most all of my experiences.  If one doesn’t go well (rarely), I don’t think what a bad person of me for having even gone there.  I think, “Oh well… NEXT!”

    Thanks for being concerned but I’m a grown woman who knows what she wants~!  And I’m gonna get it when and wherever I want to get it.

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  • AnonymousMost orgasms in one session?
  • The most was with the teacher and I LITERALLY LOST COUNT.

    He was like… I counted 3 and some (IN 1 SESSION) and I was like yeah no there were more.  

    We had 3-5 sessions off and on throughout the night… SOOOO… yeah.

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  • AnonymousCan you squirt?
  • Nope.

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  • AnonymousChoking? Yes or no?
  • Nope. No. Hell No.

    I’ve had a few guys try but I’ve always pushed their hands away and tell them no.  Sorry but no.  It’s too scary to me.

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